Master Partners

Seed Forum representatives

A Seed Forum representation has 2 levels. The Operator level provides the opportunity to operate under the Seed Forum label and access to all Seed Forum standard materials with a 25 % provision to Seed Forum Global of all revenues. The Cooperation level is the same as Operator level but additionally provides the opportunity that Seed Forum Global provides process manages for either / or 1-day investor pitch trainings and Seed Forum investor events for EUR 1000 + travel costs per process. To become a Seed Forum representative you need to undergo an evaluation process conducted by Seed Forum Global.

Register here if you want to be evaluated to become a Seed Forum local representative:

Seed Forum NGO

Seed Forum NGOs currently exists in many countries and is either founded as a sole initiative by Seed Forum Global or a joint initiative by Seed Forum Global and a local partner. A Seed Forum NGO is either a registered charity or a not-for profit company. Each NGO has its separate board and has a conclude as Master Partner agreement with Seed Forum Global. You can find more info about the Seed Forum organisation at